Adrift in a surrealistic mindscape, we are taken on a journey through the very essence of memory itself.


Via the intangible halls of the mind, we witness the transformation of experience into memory as it is born, blossoms, and ultimately fades away into the depths of our subconscious. As we delve deeper, the lines between reality and the surreal become ever more blurred, and we find ourselves lost in a world of fragmented memories and distorted perceptions.


The project is a hauntingly beautiful exploration of the fragility of memory and the enigmatic mysteries that lie within the human mind.

He/Him | Filmmaker | Ibirubà, Brazil


From Brazil, Thales is a self-taught filmmaker with a multidisciplinary background and a focus on 3D animation.


With experience in audiovisual production, Thales combines his skills to create compelling visual content. As a versatile artist, Thales’s work spans various mediums and genres.