Otherworlding: Projections of possible & impossible futures

Otherworlding: Projections of possible & impossible futures

Fabrica’s Autumn/Winter programme of 2022 – curated by Carlos Casas.

This semester’s theme, introduced by Emanuele Coccia’s opening lecture “Loving the Planet”, is a celebration of human’s ability to project and reach beyond their capacities, using the latests researches and attitudes with Science Fiction at its core and under the influence of theories by Nelson Goodman, Donna Haraway, Ursula Le Guin, Federico Campagna, and others…

“Push the limits of imagination, The creations of new projections of possible and impossible futures, with an emphasis on creators that provide new ways of dealing with far-reaching ideas, or those that deal with the creation of alternative environments, using the whole spectrum of technologies to provide new visions and incite new prophecies.”

This semester we welcome 19 new residents:

Alberto Papparotto, Italia (#727FAB)
Asuka Akagawa, Japan (#728FAB)
Ava Rasti, Iran (#729FAB)
Bianca Marchesan, Brazil (#730FAB)
Coco Allred, USA (#731FAB)
Giorgia Burzio, Italy (#717FAB)
Jelle Peter van Bouwhorst, Netherlands (#732FAB)
Josef Paul, Austria (#733FAB)
Julia Gallo, Brazil (#734FAB)
Karolina Wojtas, Poland (#735FAB)
Kateryna Pokladova, Ukraine(#736FAB)
Lily McCraith, UK (#737FAB)
Liu Baoyu, China (#738FAB)
Melissa Berney, Switzerand (#739FAB)
Nabila Ernada, Indonesia (#740FAB)
Pheobe Law, UK (#741FAB)
Riccardo Androni, Italia (#742FAB)
Sophie Shely, USA (#743FAB)
Stefano Dealessandri, Italia (#744FAB)

The programme will welcome different guests from all over the world and from different art fields such as:

Emanuele Coccia
Guillermo Brotons
Neil Leonard
Alice Bucknell
Dean Brown
Jakob KudskSteensen
Quiet Ensemble
Non-human Nonsense
And More….