Alice Bucknell / Ways of Worlding

Alice Bucknell / Ways of Worlding

On 5 October at 3pm CEST artist and writer Alice Bucknell will hold an online lecture titled “Ways of Worlding”.

What is a world and how is it made? How do the worlds we build and inhabit today shape speculations on worlds to come?

Alice Bucknell presents an immersive look into the worlding process that shapes her interdisciplinary practice, which combines speculative fiction and game engines to envision future environments merging architecture, magic, ecology, and nonhuman and machine intelligence.

This talk will span recent projects including E-Z Kryptobuild (2020), Swamp City (2021), New Mystics (ongoing), and The Martian Word for World is Mother (2022), focusing on narratives that hinge between present and future, fact and fiction to graft onto somewhere beyond the binary of utopia and dystopia.

Alice Bucknell’s lecture is part of the “Otherworlding” residency program curated by Carlos Casas.

Wednesday 5th Oct 2022 — 15:00 - 16:00