Emilia Tapprest & Matthew C. Wilson / Inhabiting Cinema

Emilia Tapprest & Matthew C. Wilson / Inhabiting Cinema

On Thursday, September 21 at 7 pm, filmmakers and artist-researchers Emilia Tapprest and Matthew C. Wilson will be at Fabrica for a talk and public screening.

Emilia Tapprest, founder of NVISIBLE.STUDIO, is a Finnish-French filmmaker and design researcher. With an industrial design background, she turned to cinema to engage with the complexity and intensity of embodied, lived experiences. Drawing these two fields together, she explores how systems, interfaces, and cultural narratives interact with us in affective and preconscious ways, often within speculative scenarios. Tapprest studied industrial design at Aalto University in Helsinki and obtained her second degree in fine arts and film at the Sandberg Institute in 2019. Her work has been presented on international platforms such as Vdrome, Kunstverein Schattendorf, Impakt Festival, VISIO European Programme on Artists’ Moving Images and Bologna Art City. She is a former resident of the Jan van Eyck Academy (2021), FilmForward (2021), and Rupert AiR (2023), among others.

Matthew C. Wilson is an American filmmaker and artist based in the Netherlands. In his videos, sculptures and installations viewers meet a range of agents — human, non-human, and inter-subjective — entangled with natural processes and shape-shifting historical forces. His projects utilize research-oriented, site-specific, and methodologically eclectic approaches to track the inertia of modernity through contemporary ecological crises and into speculative futures. Wilson holds an MFA in Visual Arts from Columbia University. He has been a participant in the Whitney Independent Study Program and in numerous residencies, including Skowhegan and the Jan van Eyck Academie. In addition to exhibitions throughout EU, the UK and the US, his films have screened on Vdrome.org, at IFFR – International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, and HKW – Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.

The event is part of the residency program Co-Ecologies. Beyond the anthropocene curated by Carlos Casas. Tapprest and Wilson will also lead the three-day workshop Inhabiting Cinema, which explores cinema not merely as a medium, but as a mode of inhabiting worlds. The workshop will cultivate the artists-in-residence cinematic sensibilities with an approach in which cinema is conceived as a process of heightening and shifting the senses vis-à-vis through transforming physical spaces into speculative and psychological ones. Thus, using the world, they will create other worlds. Hands-on exercises, seminars, screenings, technical demonstrations, and mentoring will prepare participants to produce moving image experiments which they will collectively experience and reflect upon.

Free entry
Talk and screening in English

Fabrica Auditorium
Via Postioma, 54/F
Catena di Villorba (TV)

Thursday 21st Sep 2023 — 19:00 - 20:30