Enrico Malatesta and Attila Faravelli / The Dance of Attention

Enrico Malatesta and Attila Faravelli / The Dance of Attention

On 22 March at 7pm the artists Enrico Malatesta and Attila Faravelli will be at Fabrica for a lecture open to the public titled The Dance of Attention.

Enrico Malatesta is an Italian percussionist and sound researcher active in the field of experimental music, sound intervention and performance. His practice explores the relations between sound, space and body, the vitality of materials and the morphology of surfaces, with particular attention to the percussive acts and the modes of listenings.
Since 2007 Enrico Malatesta has been presenting his works with tours all over Europe, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, UK, North America and Russia, participating in festivals and special events in venues such as Pirelli Hangar Bicocca – Milano, Berghain – Berlin, MAM – Rio de Janeiro.

Attila Faravelli is an Italian sound artist and electro-acoustic musician. Within his practice – which encompasses field recording, performances, workshops and design – he explores the material involvement with the world around us. His work has been featured in various festivals and institutions in Europe, USA, China and South Korea. He has collaborated with, among others, Armin Linke, Rossella Biscotti, Riccardo Giacconi, Kamal Aljafari, Gürcan Keltek, Teatro Valdoca and Mariangela Gualtieri.
He is part of the sound research collective Standards in Milan and he is founder and curator for the Aural Tools project, a series of simple objects to document the material and conceptual processes of specific musicians’ sound production practice.

This lecture is part of the “Archaism” residency program curated by Carlos Casas and it also includes an intensive workshop dedicated to field recording and to the documentation of sound actions as a function of the performing arts.

Free entrance

Fabrica Auditorium
Via Postioma, 54/F
Catena di Villorba (Tv)

Wednesday 22nd Mar 2023 — 19:00 - 20:00