Fabrica x Bibliothèque

Fabrica x Bibliothèque

On Friday 26 January Fabrica participates in Bibliothèque, an event organized by the Querini Stampalia Foundation of Venice, with five projects created by the centre’s team of young creatives:

‘Technosuolo’ is a research by multidisciplinary designer Davide Balda on possible future applications of unsold clothing items.

‘J’adore Venise – on disappearing bodies’, an investigation by multidisciplinary artist Stefano Dealessandri into the intertwining of hyper-tourism, surveillance capitalism and counter-simulations centered on the complex socio-economic ecosystem of Venice.

‘Movement Ecology’, a video installation and dance performance by artist Allison Costa, exploring the relationship between perceptual and real experiences, environmental change and the interconnectedness of movement at various scales.

‘Carlo Here Again’, video installations created by Roberto Cannarile, visual designer and 3D artist, who, through AI – a contemporary tool that manages to write infinite ways of representing reality – reinterprets the iconic aesthetics of the spaces conceived by Carlo Scarpa.

‘La Laguna Resiste’, a research by the English photographer Joe Habben, which documents the various communities and local initiatives that protect Venice by opposing the privatization of the territory.

The evening, which includes art, music and performances, will take place in the beautiful spaces of the Querini Stampalia Foundation and will be free to enter upon registration.

Fondazione Querini Stampalia
Santa Maria Formosa
Castello 5252

Friday 26th Jan 2024 — 18:00 - 23:00