Origins of the Future / Fabrica at Graphic Days

Origins of the Future / Fabrica at Graphic Days

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Thursday 4th May 2023 — Sunday 14th May 2023

Fabrica is a cultural partner of the eighth edition of Graphic Days®. From 4 to 14 May, the Cavallerizza Reale in Turin is transformed into a big laboratory dedicated to visual design: exhibitions, performances, talks, live printing sessions and workshops by artists coming from the five continents showing how an idea can be transformed into a real product.


Fabrica participates with “Origins of the Future”, an intercultural and interdisciplinary exploration of the activities and themes addressed during the six-month residency program currently directed by Carlos Casas, Spanish visual artist and director.


The project reflects on the transience of the young residents who, every six months, find fertile ground in Fabrica, a place where they draw inspiration and create connections in a continuous creative tension that develops in the spaces designed by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando.


As Carlos Casas says, “At Fabrica we try to explore the various possibilities of connection with the past. We look back but to look forward and project ourselves into the future”.

Through workshops, personal research and collective study sessions, during their stay at Fabrica, the residents aim to recontextualize the definition of design and art, stimulating a mutual contamination of ideas and practices.


“Origins of the Future” includes a fanzine, an exhibition and a multimedia performance in a dialogue between analogue and digital which will take place on Saturday 13 May at 7pm. Conceptually linked to the structure of the fanzine, the performance represents – through different visual layers and an experimental sound output – the multiple personalities and skills of the residents and their personal research processes.


Fabrica is also a partner of the Neologia competition, a project curated by Graphic Days® which inaugurates a new network of young talents in the panorama of visual communication in Italy. The winning project will give the author the opportunity to participate in a creative experience within the Fabrica residency program: a context full of stimuli, suggestions and contaminations with workshops, lectures, concerts by visionary artists and international mentors.


Francesca Perpetuini, Residency Coordinator and Art Director, Italy
Alex Darbyshire, Interdisciplinary Designer, Australia
Alice Nascimben, Visual / Video Artist, Italy
Charlotte van Alfen, Graphic Designer, The Netherlands
Ellen Owens, Interdisciplinary Designer, Ireland
Min A Lee, Visual Artist, South Korea