Fabrica About Future
21-10-2020 — 27-05-2021

Fabrica About Future

A cycle of free online conversations with startuppers

In recent years and in particular over the last few months, doing business, and more generally, our way of looking to the future has undergone profound change. We are having to deal with transformative forces that have an extraordinary impact, rapidly advancing technology, globalisation of the economy and labour market, fast development of the gig economy and a sudden acceleration of online to the detriment of offline.

In order to be able to deal with the complex scenario we are facing, we need to move beyond obsolete models and consolidated practices. We need to embrace new ideas, create new solutions and become accustomed to a certain amount of unpredictability.

This is where the Fabrica About Future initiative comes into play, a series of free online conversations with Italian start-ups and companies, entrepreneurs and professionals from various industries, ranging from fashion, design, tourism and food to automotive, finance, culture and entertainment, to hear their ideas and what actions they are putting in place to navigate this articulated panorama.

Impresa e bene comune – Ashoka Italia e Chi Odia Paga

Miscusi e Velasca

Deliveroo and The Data Appeal Company

L’amore per il piccolo – Destination Makers e Mirta

Waste not, Want not – Too Good to Go e Fili Pari

Wednesday 21st Oct 2020 — Thursday 27th May 2021