Fabrica X Green&Blue

Fabrica X Green&Blue

Fabrica participates in the Green&Blue Festival – two days of concerts, workshops, seminars and meetings to understand and deepen every aspect of environmental sustainability – which will be held at the Bagni Misteriosi Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan on 5 and 6 June.

An opportunity to celebrate the World Environment Day which is held every year on June 5th.

On 6 June Fabrica’s international team of young creatives – Ziaire Trinidad Sherman (USA), Avani Vidhani (India), Evelin Mazzaro (Italy), Faith Shields (South Africa) and Thomas Heath (UK) – will have at disposal an interactive space where to address the issue of sustainability through a series of free-entry workshops and the installation “Crafts for Kids” by Charlot Dennis (UK), a work mocking gender expectations and ideals that are forced upon children.

Carlos Casas, Spanish director and visual artist, and Geelherme Vieira, Brazilian art director, will be available for two portfolio readings open to creatives under 25 with skills in photography, video, graphics, design, music, digital or a combination of all this.

All events are free upon registration at this link

Bagni Misteriosi – Teatro Franco Parenti
Via Carlo Botta, 18

Monday 6th Jun 2022 — 09:30 - 18:30