Later came early

Later came early

The friends of Miscatena Energybar will be with us with their Ape-ritivo.

Free admission without reservation with Super Green Pass.

Via Postioma 54/F
Catena di Villorba (Tv)

Saturday 19th Feb 2022 — 11:00 - 17:00

Saturday 19 February, from 11am to 5pm, Fabrica opens to the public for the inauguration of Later came early, an exhibition about the notion of Time.


15 works – installations, photographs, videos, digital explorations and olfactory experiences – made by Fabrica’s young international group of creatives at the end of their 6-month art residency.


At 11am the Auditorium hosts the official presentation of the exhibition with Massimiliano Ventimiglia, program director; Joao Wilbert, Brazilian interaction designer, former Fabrica resident from 2008 to 2010 and Vanessa De Michelis, London-based sound artist. Free admission subject to availability.


Time is difficult to explain in a few lines. The dictionary describes it as “an infinite environment in which events follow one another”. It is an abstract concept created by humans who defined and redefined it in as many ways as history can tell us. Its irreversible character keeps us in a state of vulnerability.


There is, on the one hand, lived time: that of our experiences. There are some moments we wish to forget and others we would love to relive.

On the other hand, there is the objective time, displayed on a clock and translated into numbers, days, steps and rhythms.

As humanity ages and evolves its vice is unchanging: always wishing for later, looking back on earlier and never able to see the now.What happens when the future enters the present? Disorientation.

And when later arrives early, how do we reorient ourselves?


Fabrica’s young creatives propose 15 different interpretations of Time, touching on current issues such as youth sexuality, the climate crisis, olfactory memory, generational traumatic experiences and social isolation. From the clock to memory, from sculpture to the intimate experience, they try to give meaning to Time using different forms and languages.


The exhibition takes place in Tadao Ando’s architecture, a 17th century villa which harmoniously communicates with a glass and concrete construction that hides a library defined by “AD France” as “one of the most beautiful in the world”. A colorful spiral that houses about 10,000 volumes – books, texts and magazines on photography, graphics, architecture, design and art.


Artists: Maria Allegretti, filmmaker and writer (Italy), Pietro Bucciarelli, photographer (Italy), Álvaro Denek (Spain), Dorian Étienne, designer (France), Mattia Eusepi, photographer (Italy), Bobbi Fay, visual artist (Ireland), Anna Jarosz, visual artist (Poland/Sweden/Portugal), Melissa Maarek, visual artist (Spain), Jordan Guy-Mozenter, writer (USA), Alessia Lapio, designer (Italy), Evelin Mazzaro, photographer (Italy), Anastasia Miseyko, photographer (Spain/Ukraine), Lydia Jayne Murray, designer (Ireland), Lucía Peralta, graphic designer (Spain) and Noah Ringrose, visual artist (UK).