Listen, Venice…  

Listen, Venice…  

Complesso dell’Ospedaletto
Barbaria de le Tole 6691
Venice, Italy


Opening hours:
Monday–Sunday 2-8PM CEST


For more information:

Friday 13th Oct 2023 — 14:00

Sunday 29th Oct 2023 — 20:00

Fabrica reopens Venezia Fabrica Futura with Listen, Venice…, a series of research explorations concerning Venice and its complex ecosystem organized in collaboration with Iuav University of Venice and Sound Studies Hub (SSH!).


On the occasion of Biennale Musica 2023, two sound artists will present their installations that contemplate and reinterpret the Venetian soundscapes to foster sonic awareness. Fabrica’s Japanese interdisciplinary artist Asuka Akagawa seeks to manifest concerns regarding the sonic ecology of Venice through translations of anthropogenic activities to elements of sound and light. 


Swiss sound artist Ramon De Marco*, a former Fabrica resident, presents a method of sensitization aimed at promoting appreciation for the beauty and diversity of Venice’s fragile ecosystem.


The program will also include a series of events, among them a round table discussion, lectures and concerts by renowned sound experts including Chris Watson, English musician and sound recordist; David Rothenberg, American composer, jazz clarinetist and philosopher; Jana Winderen, Norwegian artist, mathematician and chemist, Francesco Bergamo and Nicola Di Croce, architects and researchers from Iuav and Sound Studies Hub (SSH!). 


Listen, Venice… is the second chapter of Venezia Fabrica Futura, an eco-critical laboratory of a contemporary Venice, that opened at Complesso dell’Ospedaletto in May 2023. Among the works on display, a series of multimedia projects created by Fabrica’s young creatives along with presentations, lagoon tastings, concerts, screenings and performances with international guests.

Program of events:


Friday, 13 October
12PM Chris Watson, musician and sound recordist — Listening Session
6PM Asuka Akagawa, Fabrica interdisciplinary artist — No amaro è il tormento live, Installation Diffusion


Monday, 16 October
6PM Ramon De Marco, sound artist — Inside/Outside, Installation Diffusion Opening


7PM Round Table Discussion with:
Carlos Casas, Fabrica Program Director
Ramon De Marco, sound artist
Francesco Bergamo, architect and researcher
Nicola Di Croce, sound artist and musician
Asuka Akagawa, interdisciplinary artist


Monday, 23 October
6PM Asuka Akagawa, Fabrica interdisciplinary artist — No amaro è il tormento live, Installation Diffusion


Thursday, 26 October
6PM David Rothenberg, composer, jazz clarinetist, and philosopher — Lecture
7PM Jana Winderen, artist — Lecture
8PM Asuka Akagawa and David Rothenberg — Concert



* Ramon De Marco’s sound installation was conceived during a 1-month research residency offered by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia at Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi in 2022. During these residencies, cultural workers from Switzerland have the opportunity to forge meaningful and lasting relationships with communities in Venice through artistic practice.