Monument to Dust

Monument to Dust

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Free entrance, no reservation needed.
The event will also be held in case of bad weather.


Via Postioma 54/F
Catena di Villorba (Tv) – Italy

Friday 21st Jul 2023 — 19:00 - 23:30

Friday 21 July, from 7 to 11:30pm, Fabrica opens to the public for Monument to Dust, a live exhibition that presents 19 projects created by the centre’s international team of young creatives at the end of their artistic residency. The program of the 2023 Spring-Summer semester, dedicated to the Archaism theme, is curated by the Spanish director and visual artist Carlos Casas, Program Director of Fabrica.


Special guest of the evening Barbara Casavecchia, critic and independent curator.


Tangled in the fabrics of the past, buried within the layers of the earth, the Archaic is often conceived as distant in time. However, we cannot evade the silent but omnipresent feeling that it echoes into the present.

Reimagining the transient and the perpetual, Monument to Dust questions the foundations of our knowledge, fostering introspection and intuition. Through performances, installations, videos, sculpture, photography and writing, the nineteen artists in the exhibition explore how the Archaic embraces our current and future past.


The Archaic is experienced anew. We occur now.




6:30, 9:00, 10:00PM – Tracce d’Acqua, live drawing by Charlotte van Alfen (Netherlands)


7:00PM — Auditorium
Opening ceremony with Barbara Casavecchia, critic and independent curator, and
Carlos Casas, Fabrica Program Director


8:00, 10:30PM – Vibratory Sanctuary, performance and multimedia installation by Camille Rieu-Camilleri (France)


8:30, 10:00PM – And All That Came After, reading by Jay Watson (USA)


8:30, 10:00PM – Pomodoro, performance and installation by Sethuraman Harikrishnan (India)


9:00PM – Past, Present, and Imagination, musical performance by Ava Rasti (Iran)


9:00, 9:30, 10:30PM – Trovare il Cinema, series of screenings by Borja Rodríguez (Spain)


9:30PM – Anth Asti Prarambh, performance by Aashna Arora (India)


10:00PM – Li Estas Kiu? II, multimedia installation by Asuka Akagawa (Japan)


11.00PM – Closing ceremony, DJ set by Fabrica residents



The Witnesses, installation by Piotr Mikhaylov (France)


Spazio Intermedio, project by Alexander Gabriel (Italy)


Lé Cheile (Together), series of spatial interventions by Ellen Owens (Ireland)


MemoriesDreamsFantasies, installation by Alex Darbyshire (Australia)


Guinea Pig, project by Thales Prediger (Brazil)


Trottola and Cemento Grezzo, two projects by Lucas Variz (Brazil)


Safe Space, film installation by Aitana Ahrens (Spain)


Ways to Be | And not to Be, video installation by Alice Nascimben (Italy)


A pé a Nápoles, project by Lucca Reis (Brazil)


The Myth(s) of Orpheus, installation by Erik Alfredo Martínez (Dominican Republic)


Dialogue with Insect, research by Mina Lee (South Korea)