Here Becomes Elsewhere

Here Becomes Elsewhere

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Free entry, no reservation needed.
The event will also be held in case of bad weather.

Via Postioma 54/F
Catena di Villorba (Tv)

Friday 24th Feb 2023 — 19:00 - 23:00

A live exhibition about other worlds


Friday 24 February, from 7 to 11pm, Fabrica opens to the public for HERE BECOMES ELSEWHERE: 18 works – sound installations, photographs, films, sculptures, paintings, rituals and sensorial performances – created by the centre’s international team of young creatives at the end of their artistic residency. The program of the semester, dedicated to the Otherworlding theme, is curated by the Spanish director and visual artist Carlos Casas, Program Director of Fabrica.


Special guest of the evening Luca Molinari, Scientific Director of M9-Museo del ‘900, as well as architect, critic and cultural curator at an international level.

How can humans reach beyond their capacities and imagine new universes?


HERE BECOMES ELSEWHERE transforms the architecture of Tadao Ando – headquarters of Fabrica – into a stage where a myriad of imaginary worlds are created, on the borderline between the artificial and the natural, between reality and science fiction, which do not exist here or elsewhere. A fluid, open space where everything is interconnected.


The proposals of Fabrica’s young creatives are the result of their six-month experience in Otherworlding, a practice in which hybrid states of Being endlessly transform, stretch, and mutate. Thanks to it we can access visions of the universe from unlimited perspectives, free from any boundaries.


Going beyond the limits of their imagination, the artists investigated different approaches imagining new possible and impossible futures, in a shared experience of moving away from their everyday contexts. From the sensorial performance that combines essences and memories, to the audiovisual installation that traces the sleep cycles by recording the signals of our body; from the podcast that deceives Artificial Intelligence, to the monitors to hide from the surveillance systems of Venice, up to a sound journey between vocal distortions and the cathartic power of nature.


Artists: Alberto Papparotto (Italy), Asuka Akagawa, (Japan), A. R. , Bianca Marchesan (Brazil), Coco Allred (United States), Jelle Peter van Bouwhorst (The Netherlands), Josef Paul (Austria), Julia Gallo (Brazil), Karolina Wojtas (Poland), Kate Pokladova (Ukraine), Lily McCraith (United Kingdom), Liu Baoyu (China), Melissa Berney (Switzerland), Nabila Ernada (Indonesia), Pheobe Law (United Kingdom), Riccardo Androni (Italy), Sophie Shely (United States), Stefano Dealessandri (Italy).



Li estas kiu? – performance by Asuka Akagawa (Japan)
Sisyphus – performance by Riccardo Androni (Italy)


Songs of Nightfall – film by Liu Baoyu (China)


7pm – Auditorium

Opening ceremony with Carlos Casas, Fabrica Program Director, and Luca Molinari, director of M9 – Museo del ‘900


As Empty as Mirrors – performance by Sophie Shely (Usa)


Sisyphus – performance by Riccardo Androni (Italy)


Deconsecrated Meat – ritual by Alberto Papparotto (Italy)


Becoming-with Proteus – film by Lily McCraith (UK)
Songs of Nightfall – film by Liu Baoyu (China)


FUNreal – ritual by Karolina Wojtas (Poland)
As Empty as Mirrors – performance by Sophie Shely (Usa)
Deconsecrated Meat – ritual by Alberto Papparotto (Italy)


Ginestra – live concert by A.R.


Closing performance by Asuka Akagawa (Japan)

Noise – DJ set by Josef Paul (Austria)