And All That Came After is the working title of a project that the artist developed through a series of meditations in the Chapel as a place of emergent fiction.


For the past few months, Jay used a journal to describe memory experiences in relation to projects that he performed in the Chapel on the Fabrica grounds, surrounded by the other artists also performing experimentations. Reimagining the space as un-time bound, and by using principles of spooky action at a distance, he is interested in nonlocal words—how we can forage ourselves from the world as we interpret, through perspectival rearrangement.


The artist turned this into a book that might be considered speculative fiction but is probably something else.

He/Him | Writer | Brooklyn, USA


From Brooklyn, New York, Jay is a writer and film photographer working at an intersection— he actually lives at a 4-way intersection—of passing people which inspires him to write about stories that could be possible.


For the Fabrica Archaism semester, Jay chose to analyze the means by which we narrate ourselves into the world, to understand how telling stories about
ourselves, becomes the story we end up living. Jay has a background in philosophy and studied fiction at St. Joseph’s in Brooklyn where he received his MFA.


His favorite snack is Goldfish which are not available in Italy. Most of his motifs come from his former unruly bar patrons. He recently debuted in HBO’s Succession.