Chorus by Roberto Cannarile  

Chorus by Roberto Cannarile  

Chorus is a video experience that utilizes the audience’s smartphones to create a real-time sound performance. The video presents a non-linear narrative employing 3D animation to explore various themes. Starting with the concept of the digital swarm by Byung-Chul Han, transitioning to the Internet of Things, and drawing parallels between the theme of the chorus in ancient Greek theater and the contemporary use of smartphones. 


Chorus also emerges from the need to establish a new modus in experience creation, one that effectively engages the audience in a simple manner, while prompting reflection on the strongly identity-driven function of our devices.

Roberto Cannarile

Roberto Cannarile (1999) is a visual designer and 3D artist from Martina Franca, Italy. Since 2018, he has worked with technology and new media, spanning from animation videos to the creation of digital experiences and environments. With a degree in New Technology of Art from Fine Arts in Urbino, Roberto has collaborated and exhibited in various contexts across Italy.