Mina Lee’s Dialogue with insect redefines the word «dialogue» as «absorption and excretion of thoughts», based on the psychological term of «mirror effect».


Through her different dialogues, Mina wanted to talk about the boundaries between oneself and others’ existence through an attempt to converse with other beings.


The artist hopes it will invite spectators to expand themselves and their ideas surrounding language by talking to insects and becoming friends.

She/Her | Visual Artist | Seoul, South Korea


From Seoul, Mina is a visual artist. She is working across the fields of art and design, including illustrations, three-dimensional sculptures, and experimental films.


The artist calls herself “a playground maker of fantasy and a surface researcher of the mind”. Mina exhibited and worked on art projects under the sponsorship of the Seoul Cultural Foundation (2021), the Korea Creative Content Agency (2022), the Arco Museum of Art (2020), and the Nowon Cultural Foundation (2021).


In 2022, she won the Rookie of the Year award at the Korea Design Awards.