Fabrica per Design in pratica

Fabrica per Design in pratica

Friday 17th Sep 2021 — Monday 1st Nov 2021

Fabrica contributes with some video installations to the exhibition Design in practice / Virtuous design practices by JoeVelluto Studio.


The exhibition, curated by the philosopher and writer Leonardo Caffo, aims to be an insight on the ability of design to inspire consciences and move habits.


The beginning of this project found inspiration in the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path: eight fundamentals for a more conscious life that – applied to the practice of design – may lead to generate virtuous projects and products.

Fabrica’s young creatives took inspiration from this practice, creating eight video installations that tell how Buddhist principles should guide ourselves in our being humans even before being applied to the practice of design. Responsibility, circular economy, sustainability, respect for the environment and for any existing being – they are some of the topics.


The exhibition is also completed by a selection of projects – also unreleased – that retraces two decades of working activity of the studio.