This semester, Fabrica will explore the theme of Kinship. From March to July 2024, fabricanti will be invited to explore the concept from an inclusive perspective that recognizes the interdependence between us and every other entity on Earth, aiming to create a greater sense of belonging.


The semester draws from various disciplines, including the humanities, social and natural sciences, to provide a platform for investigating the relationships between humans and nature. The priority is redefining the idea of kinship so that it can help to address global challenges and promote a more equitable and sustainable future.


During the residency, the Fabrica community is conceived as an extended family that includes both yesterday’s and today’s fabricanti. The purpose is to encourage the creation of new projects born from the synergy between current residents and the program guests, including established artists and creatives who started their careers at Fabrica.


This research will culminate with a reunion to celebrate Fabrica’s 30th anniversary.

This semester we welcome 14 new residents:


Aindriú Ó Deasún (Ireland)

Alberto Allegretti (Italy)

Annalise Kamegawa (USA)

Clara Mannott (Germany)

Davide Balda (Italy)

Frederik Marks (Germany)

Jeure Tavare (Dominican Republic)

Juul Van Der Zandt (The Netherlands)

Maya Hayda (USA)

Mitoshka Alkova (Bulgaria)

Priya Mistry (UK)

Tatiana Egoshina (Russia)

Uy Duc Tran (Vietnam)

Zumrad Mirzalieva (Uzbekistan)


Residency Team:


Francesca Perpetuini (Art Director and residency Coordinator)

Alice Nascimben (Visual Designer and Residency Coordinator Assistant)

Laura Sans Gassó (Video Maker)


Senior residents:


Joe Habben (UK)

Maximilian Bufardeci (Australia)

Vivek Jain (India)