Lé Cheile (Together) is a series of spatial interventions based on the concept of gathering and space-making.


The focus in Ellen’s articulation of this project is on non-permanent social spaces, and the value of temporarily re-negotiating and re-imagining permanent sites in a way that values the community and interaction with our environment. Through our experience of nature, we become an active witness, we connect with our surroundings, which allows us to stabilize and re-direct our attention and presence.


The act of framing these spaces creates a transformation, not only in an aesthetic sense, but in a sensorial and spiritual sense, allowing new meanings and associations, connections and memories.

She/Her| Designer | Dublin, Ireland


Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Ellen is a multi-disciplinary designer interested in how we can communicate through design despite language and cultural barriers.


Through her work, she highlights the power design has to frame new and existing realities, create community and shape the future. Recently, she has worked with a special focus on narrative environments and social design, transforming spaces and creating memorable experiences, rich in color and atmosphere—enjoyed by other artists and spectators alike. Her playful and larger-than-life approach to design blurs the lines between the serious and the curious.


She can be most recognized for her focus on the physical, her interest in cultural ecosystems, and her bold use of color.