Past, Present and Imagination consists of a thirty-minute composition of ambient/drone music accompanied by a performance.


This project encompasses events that can be broadly categorized into three stages: childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. These stages encompass experiences such as migration, being distanced from loved ones, living through war, loss, growth, and various other life encounters. Eventually, one must learn to detach from the things they hold onto. In the realm of memory, you have the ability to envision your past in any way you desire.


Our memories are susceptible to change, influenced by our perspectives and emotions. In this journey, one can become lost, leave behind certain aspects, or even forget altogether.

She/Her | Musician | Teheran, Iran


From Tehran, Iran, Ava is a composer, pianist, and bass guitarist born in 1996, with a background in painting at the Soore Art University of Tehran.


Her practice in music started in 2008, when she began to play the piano and study music theory, acquiring practical music skills.


In 2012 she discovered bass guitar, playing in an underground post-punk girl band from 2015 till 2020 in Tehran. Since 2020, she’s been working on composing music for films. She started her solo project in the same year, combining drone-ambient and modern classical music.