You are invited to a place where the landscape suspends the thread of the time.


Soils merge with minerals and roots, touching the skies where the sun is caressing the leaves of the forgotten, but once upon a time cherished plants. You are invited to take part in a ceremony for paying a tribute to the fruits of the surroundings. And the water flows wash the pollution of the regrets away.


You’re invited to taste and to assimilate their properties. The wisdom, the strength and the resilience of these witnesses of the times of the Earth.

He/Him | Artist and Architect | Paris, France


Based in Paris, Piotr is an artist rooted in his primary discipline, architecture, and focused on the relationship between inhabitants and their landscape.


His practice moves into the research fields of sociology, design, visual anthropology, and film. He admits to loving pistachio ice cream, cats, and kibble, which may be a way to disguise his tendency to overthink and be too serious in his projects.