Tracce d’Acqua is an investigation into the primitive intuition that lies beyond the ego, which becomes clear when we stretch the borders of our taught systems of thinking.


Within her project, Charlotte aims to manifest her intuition through drawing with water on Fabrica’s walls, establishing a direct dialogue with the building itself. This way of drawing holds a physical quality, one where experience is not only eyes and brain, but includes all the senses. It is no longer about the final image, but about the gesture of drawing itself, the feeling while doing it. One way in which Charlotte tries to achieve this, is through designing her own drawing tools. Asking herself: can we use tools we’re familiar with to let go of our pre-existing assumptions about them? And in her case, can she use them to let go of her own assumption of what a drawing should be?


However, the project is as much about evaporation as it is about drawing. Charlotte has found that disappearance is a moment of great beauty. The moment a face disappears you realize that you will never see it again.

She/Her| Visual Designer | Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Born in 1999, Charlotte van Alfen is a graphic designer and illustrator from the Netherlands. The space between analog drawing and digital graphic design is her ultimate playground.


In her practice, Charlotte is guided by things she sees in everyday life and spontaneous encounters that hold some sort of humor. By carefully looking at and capturing these little moments, she tries to tackle life’s bigger issues. Recently she has been exploring ways to invite intuition into image-making.


She is interested in rethinking and redesigning drawing tools that invite surroundings to take part in the process.