Trottola and Cemento Grezzo are projects that embody a research dedicated to Fabrica’s architecture, establishing a dialogue with its unveiled structure and particular spatial approach.


Trottola converts the void volumes of Fabrica into positives, allowing visitors to perceive emptiness materialized. Through this reversed operation the project enfolds the building’s construction process. Thus, grasping the threshold between art and architecture.


Cemento Grezzo infiltrates the building with 18500 stones brought from a local mountain—an amount equivalent to the number of holes on its walls. Despite the two tons of overall material weight, the installation remains barely visible. Therefore, implying its relationship with long-term processes of change in the landscape, caused by natural action or as a by-product of human activity.

Visual Artist | São Paulo, Brazil


From São Paulo, Brazil, Lucas is a visual artist working with various media.


After pursuing Architecture and Urbanism for a brief period, he graduated in Visual Arts at FAAP, encompassing both fields of action within his practice. His primary interest lies in the friction between different languages as a potential driving force for new ways of communicating. In the past years, he has been invested in the coercive powers of architecture imposed upon human bodies.


Understanding the cityscape as a catalyst ground for political oppression, he investigates other possibilities of inhabiting, using space as his principal medium to engage with others.