trovare il cinema

trovare il cinema

trovare il cinema is a series of three film projections on the walls of Fabrica.


This proposal wants to explore the essential elements of film language and experience – light, shadow, duration, screen, and the projection event itself – through Fabrica’s architecture. To interact with this time/light passing on the walls of Fabrica, Super 8 films will be made in specific building sites that, during the exhibition, will also function as screening sites.


The place where the filming and making of the films occur, where light is gathered, is the same one where the sharing of light – the projection- happens.

Borja Rodriguez Gimeno
He/Him | Filmmaker | Madrid, Spain


Born in 1997, Borja is a Spanish artist and researcher working in Super 8 films.


His work and interests mainly rely on the poetics of site-specificity and the film projection as an event and an aesthetic experience in itself. In his creative process, the artist is primarily preoccupied with mundane events and phenomenologies such as light, duration, movement, and their translation into a filmic image.


At its core, his practice is based on thinking of the cinematographic camera as a tool for gathering light, while the projection is an event that returns it back to the world.