Vibratory Sanctuary is a 20 min performance and multimedia installation that takes you on an archaeoacoustic journey into a sonic sanctuary of the future.

This captivating multimedia installation combines sampling objects and musical instruments from various eras, creating a blend of primitive and acoustic-electro sounds.

Drawing inspiration from musical genres like concrete music, noise, drone, industrial and ambient. Questioning our relation to sounds in our past and foreseeable future.

**Inspired by Luigi Russolo`s 1913 futuristic manifesto – The Art of Noises.


He/him | Multidisplinary Artist | Grenoble, France


Camille Rieu-Camilleri is a multidisciplinary video artist born in France in 1999.


Camille obtained his National Art Diploma in June 2022 and is currently pursuing his master’s studies at ÉSAD Grenoble. Adaptation, improvisation, and intuition—Camille`s practice is fragmented exploring the notion of landscape through his tools and his ways of sampling from his environment.


His projects address the possibility of a dialogue between the exhibition space, its architecture and the work, recomposing these elements by developing sensory spaces that summon our imagination, our emotions while dealing with fiction, dystopia, the anthropocene, drama, and the passage of time.