QISMET by Sevilâ Nariman-qizi 

QISMET by Sevilâ Nariman-qizi 

QISMET is a space of liberation-resonation with indigenous people of Crimea peninsula (QIRIM), that are destined to be a case of cause-and-effect layered settler colonialism. The sonic-visual experience invites to vibrate with a walk-through timeline of the distorted past across visual-sequences of metaphorical interpretations. A visual tracing of flawed logic and imperial power to become visible in a large-scale view.


Half hope, half sorrow, QISMET concept suggests facing the inevitable fate within acceptance of the bitter taste of truth to unfold the wings for healing weapons.


qısmet [qırımlı] – a philosophy of acceptance of all life possibilities, but always hoping for better ones. What’s destined to happen will happen. By letting despair go through, we embrace the novel future.

Sevilâ Nariman-qizi 


Born in Yevpatoriya, Crimea, Ukraine, Sevilâ Nariman-qizi (1993) is an interdisciplinary visual artist, rooted as an un-border graphic designer with an emphasis on poetic expressions. Formed by the sea at the land of Crimea and hybridized with Ukrainian identification, her practice investigates and questions colonial frames, weaving connections between past and future by raving about the present. With a guide of situated knowledge, her work entangles between facts and metaphorical fiction: seeking freedom, through the depths, till the surface of destiny.