Quicksilver by Dora Ramljak 

Quicksilver by Dora Ramljak 

Closed circuit currencies Quicksilver deals with the concept of (auto)immunity in the present state of democracies, following its juridical roots. Autoimmunity is a paradox exemplifying the difficulty of different bodies co-existing in shared space and time.


The work focuses on observing the natural habitat of fish in the Adriatic Sea, and conducting a case study that examines levels of heavy metals in fish tissues. Heavy metals can induce autoimmunity in people and alter immune responses in fish. The installation consists of a self-made bioreactor where a microalgae biomass serves as the energy source of the processor, which contains research data and offers a possibility for storing personal medical data in a protected manner.

Dora Ramljak


From Pula, Croatia, Dora Ramljak (2001) is a researcher of the fragile nature of materials and societal pre-conceptions, bringing importance to the sensorial perception of the world. Trans-disciplinary artist trained as a photographer and designer, she welcomes the ability to create multi-disciplinary and open-ended narratives, merging and reconstructing a variety of media. Democratizing and exchanging knowledge is at the core of her work, focused on bringing to life projects that are re-shaped and influenced by different contexts and the passage of time. Social work, long-term art/science research, and community-oriented work allowed Dora to expand her personal practice outside of academic spheres. Care, dialogue, and reflection are desired outcomes.