TELARE LA MATERIA by Davide Balda  

TELARE LA MATERIA by Davide Balda  

The project shows research on possible future applications of unsold clothing from United Colors of Benetton company. The objective is to act at the beginning, in the place where the waste is created, to avoid being exported and becoming a polluting material. This type of product is transformed back into a primary source as textile fiber. The process allows the fabric to return to a state of virgin material, which allows it to be used for new uses.


The project describes three different applications:


Tecnosuolo, the textile fiber used as a plant substrate and fertilizing substance for plant growth.

Building and construction material, the textile fiber used together with clay waste to create vernacular architectural modules and elements.

Nuno Felt, the textile fiber reworked into a new textile material made with the water felting technique.

Davide Balda  


From Genoa, Italy, Davide Balda (1998) is a multidisciplinary designer interested in discovering new materials and sustainable production processes. He graduated in product design at the IED in Turin and gained a master in Design, Creativity and Social Practices at Unidee Academy of the Pistoletto Foundation in Biella. Davide identifies himself as an archaeo-designer, that is, an excavator who investigates and searches for the rubble of the past to reread history. The role of the archaeo-designer is to reconstruct and describe history by digging among the natural and artificial waste produced by human activities to create new materials or artifacts.