Dreams Memories Fantasies

Dreams Memories Fantasies

There is a hazy space found at the intersection of memory, fantasy, and dreams where the three combine to form confusingly impossible recollections.


Alex’s artworks reveal his experience in this space and celebrate the malleable, confusing, and flawed complexities of queer friendships, intimacy, and kinship. Imperfect symmetries reveal subtle irregularities between memory and reality. Human figures are constructed with the complex textures of the forest forming their skins, expressing the constant transformation of the delicate ecosystems within ourselves and our communities.

These abstractions depict the sense of otherness experienced by queers and the need for an armor capable of eclipsing this vulnerability.


He/Him | Designer and Artist | Melbourne, Australia 


Australian designer and artist, until a year ago Alex was cheerfully plodding through the graphic design industry, churning out ephemera for forgettable clients.


Eventually, he got bored and quit. Today he is attempting to nurture a personal artistic practice into life. Combining graphic techniques learned through his design background with self-expressive intentions, his work blends erotic daydreams with the innate relationship between our bodies and the Earth.


As a result of being exposed to diverse, clever, and inspiring people at Fabrica, his approach and creative method have dramatically evolved.