xCoAx 2024 x FABRICA

xCoAx 2024 x FABRICA

xCoAx 2024 at FABRICA

All details of the event: xcoax.org

Wednesday 10th Jul 2024 — Friday 12th Jul 2024

From 10 to 12 July 2024 Fabrica hosted the 12th edition of XCoAx 2024, an international conference on computation, communication and aesthetics.


Artists, scientists, media professionals and scholars met in the Fabrica spaces to exchange ideas, seeking interdisciplinary synergies at the boundaries between digital arts and culture.


xCoAx 2024 saw the participation of 80 delegates from 26 different countries, including artists and researchers from 38 universities and institutions, among them Stanford, Goldsmiths, University of the Arts London, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, UdK Berlin, Bauhaus, RMIT Melbourne, NYU, Northeastern University Boston, University of Edinburgh, University of Westminster London and Politecnico di Milano.


xCoAx is a multi-modal event (conference, exhibition, performances) where digital machines and media intersect art, culture, and communication, creating a versatile enquiry on aesthetics, computation, communication and the elusive X factor that connects them and makes everything more exciting.

In an ongoing quest towards new directions in aesthetics, xCoAx explores the unpredictable results of creative freedom overlapping with algorithmic rules, of human nature interacting with computing technology.


xCoAx is a venue full of beauty, challenges, and fun for artists, media practitioners, makers, scholars and anyone with a curious mind to exchange ideas in search of interdisciplinary synergies and new creative modalities at the thresholds between digital arts and culture.


xCoAx has toured around Europe throughout the years: Bergamo, Porto, Glasgow, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Graz, Coimbra, and Weimar.


All details of the event are available on the webpage xCoAx.org


Pics by Darko Velazquez